A thoughtful selection of 4 teas to drink yourself to health: White Elixir, Green Flamingo, Nana Mint from Morocco and Nettle tea. All these healthy teas together is going to give you a helping hand to feel better inside and out. Also makes a perfect tea gift.

  • White Elixir is white tea blended with spirulina algae. High in anti-oxidants and promotes glowing skin and beautiful hair. It is also a low caffeine tea

  • Green Flamingo is green tea with graviola fruit from Brazil. Naturally sweet and high in anti-oxidants also, it improves brain function and helps cope with stress. A low caffeine tea

  • Nana Mint is high in menthol oil which promotes gut health. It aids in digestion and reduces bloatedness. Caffeine-free tea

  • Nettle tea helps to flush toxins from the kidneys and bladder, and is the epicenter of general health and well-being. Caffeine-free tea

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Brewing: All 1-2 teaspoon/cup. For White Elixir and Green Flamingo: water temperature 80˚C to 85˚C. Infuse 2 minutes. For Nana Mint and Nettle tea: water temperature 100˚C. Infuse 5 minutes ( leaves can be left to steep in the water ).

  • 4 bags of 50g fine loose leaf tea

  • Serves approximately 20 cups of tea per bag

  • QR code act as tea timer for White Elixir and Green Flamingo

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Watch the ideas behind the creation of the Tea-Tox set and how each tea helps you

White Elixir is white tea blend supercharged with spirulina algae, and is light with jasmine aroma

Green Flamingo is medium bodied green tea blend with floral notes

Nana Mint has very high menthol oil, extremely aromatic and is caffeine-free

Nettle tea has a beautiful hay-like character and slightly spicy, also caffeine-free