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Light & Refreshing – peppermint with a touch of toffee

Caffeine-free, British Mint & Caramel is a contemporary interpretation of a classic herbal tea: notes of fresh mint are rounded with subtle layers of caramel to create a smooth finish. Light and sweet, this blend is a fitting toast to carefree days.

Best enjoyed hot, with a chocolate biscuit

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Brewing: 1 teaspoon/cup. Water temperature 100˚C. Infuse 5 minutes. For a perfect brew, scan QR code with any free code reader app to trigger a unique soundtrack that acts as a tea-timer.

  • 85g of fine loose leaf tea

  • Serves approximately 50 cups of tea

  • For 50g bag, serves approximately 20 cups of tea

  • 10 disposable travel tea bags and wooden stir sticks (for box only)

  • Box designed as an air-tight tea caddy

  • QR code acts as a tea timer

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Ingredients: Peppermint tea, caramel pieces, flavour

Food pairing: Stews or light meals like fish and salad. Enjoyed it hot, iced or in a Martini

Notes: A top note of English toffee. Base notes of icy, smooth wild peppermint