Quinteassential and Mintd Box, a monthly luxury beauty subscription box



Mintd Box is a monthly / bi-montly luxury subscription box and believe that every women deserves to feel confident and in control of her day. We concur and since Mintd Box and Quinteassential are like-minded, we had teamed up a few times since the first collaboration.

partner mintd box 2.jpg

Depending on the subscription box’s theme, Quinteassential consulted with Mintd Box and proposed the best tea blend that fits with the box concept.

For example, Mintd Box’s Recharge edition is a curated range of exquisite products to awaken tired skin in the new year. Quinteassential proposed its Cleanse blend which is an award winning chai style herbal tea with its spicy notes to flood the senses, soothing the body.

partner mintd box 3.jpg

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