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In 2013, The Midland Hotel, Manchester underwent a major refurbishment that extended to its afternoon tea service. Quinteassenial was engaged to design and create bespoke tea blends to pair with it’s new tea menu.


After many taste trials, Quinteassential created three unique blends for their afternoon tea, and a custom blend for their turn down service. The blends incorporate our modern sensibilities to taste and flavours with a nod to the rich history of The Midland.

1903 The Midland is a tribute to the founding of the hotel and is inspired by the quintessentially English brew from historical British India; bold, beautiful and rich in colour like its Edwardian architecture. The Midland Jubilee is a celebration of life’s milestones, like countless milestones had, and are still being celebrated in The Midland for more than a century.


Due North is a tribute to The Midland as the northern most station from London St Pancras to Manchester. Smokey with whiskey notes, it conjures images of Victorian travel with gentlemen in top hats, cigars and whiskey in hand.

The packaging design was a leaf out of history, inspired by old vintage train tickets, while the design for the turn down service’s tea, Sleep Well, was inspired by the new colour scheme of the rooms and sunset hues.


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