Watch Quinteassential founder, Bernadine, providing a training program for staff at Hakkasan, London.



This renowned Michelin-starred restaurant group and Quinteassential work in tandem to deliver an innovative tea program that provides guests with a memorable food and tea pairing experience. By curating and designing a tea menu that includes an wide range of specialty Asian-style teas from around the world, Yauatcha elevates guests’ experiences to new gastronomic heights.


The new tea menu includes close to 30 types of teas, each with its unique story and taste. An extensive staff training program was designed to familiarize the staff with the various characteristics of the teas and their brew times for quality control and consistent results.

To supply all the varieties of teas, a supply chain strategy was established to deliver efficient supply chain ordering and process systems to ensure seamless supply direct to outlets from source. Standards and specifications like nutiritional and food safety documentations are included to comply with high corporate standards and government regulations.


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– Staff training and tea classes to elevate your tea service
– Bespoke blend and curated teas to pair with your offerings
– Sales and marketing support
– Business and pricing strategy
– Sourcing and supply chain optimization
– Standards and specifications documentation