Mr Cooper’s remains the top dining experience in Manchester and is listed on Conde Nast Gold Standard. To accompany its creative dishes, Quinteassenial designed a tea menu with a range that complements the food as well for use in its inventive cocktail list.


The restaurant takes its namesake from Thomas Cooper, a popular figure whose house and famous garden sat on the same site as the present The Midland hotel in 1819. Mr Cooper was famed for his garden which grew strawberries, gooseberries, apples and flowers.

To capture this wonderful footnote in the history of The Midland hotel, Quinteassential imagined and designed a blend that possibly includes all the fruits and herbs that Mr Cooper would have in his beautiful garden.


Mr Cooper’s House blend is bold and beautiful, mirroring the modern, gutsy dishes on its menu. Together with other blends within Quinteassential’s range, the service, ambience and fine cuisine ensure guests enjoy their experience from the start of appetisers to the end cup of tea.


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