Watch the launch of a bespoke blend for high fashion label, Amanda Wakeley, in London.

At Quinteassential, Bernadine helps clients increase their profitability with tea. She has designed unique teas and bespoke blends for hotels, restaurants and luxury brands. A trained tea sommelier with a long career in marketing PR, a team of creatives and extensive network, Bernadine delivers on every aspect of business as tea consultancy. Quinteassential is also collaborating with NoWFOOD Centre at University of Chester, a hub of excellence for food science and technology, to offer a complete suite of solutions for food and drink businesses across the region from idea conception to market launch.

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Holistic understanding of the market. Knowledge of trends, blend creation and access to a wide network of suppliers.

Technical feasibility: Assessment – developing novel technical solutions based on science, technology and tea expertise.

New concept identification: Developing new business opportunities based on consumer insight and enabled by new technologies and connectivity.

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Developing innovative tea concepts into physical products and services using a staged process to manage risk and ensure food and health regulatory compliance.

Production of samples: Manufacturing finished samples for market, consumer testing, and business case validation with investors.

Transfer to manufacturing: Working with manufacturing partners to transfer tea and product designs and establishlong term volume manufacturing capability.

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Our experienced branding and design consultants can help you define your brand, visually represent it and create stunning online and offline collaterals to successfully support your marketing programmes.

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Building a solid financial and business model is the key to success. Our business and marketing consultants can help maximise profits, direct your marketing, shape your communications strategy.

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Affiliated to a centre of excellence for food science and technology – NoWFOODS. Our team of scientists offer a complete end to end product testing to tea products. Eg:

• Biosensors and screeners for allergens, contaminants, additives and pathogens

• Food chemistry and analysis including ABV testing and authenticity testing

• Food rheology and structuring

• Food microbiology and shelf life evaluation